Carrier Relationships

With over 20 years in the benefits business, we have developed special relationships with a large number of carriers. We can truly say that we can offer ‘best-in-class’ products at the best value for our clients.

  • Enrollment system not owned by any carrier
  • Best value for the employee
  • We will be your liason with the carriers

Insurance for your employees: the process is easy!

We'll find you the best products and follow through from there.

  • Gather Information

    We work with you to find the best value for your company

  • Quote the Products

    You'll get the best price for the most benefits for each product.

  • Enrollment

    Our enrollment professionals will educate your employees on the value of every product.

  • One Simple Bill

    We'll verify all the information is correct and send you one simple bill for all the carriers.