1099 Group Benefits

Traditionally, companies have not been allowed to offer employee benefits to 1099 contractors.  At ABIG, we pride ourselves on creating “outside the box solutions.”  We partnered with some of the largest health, dental, vision and life insurance carriers to bridge the gap in the quality of benefits offered to help employers stay competitive.  Often, employers are not required to contribute any money to employee benefits offered to 1099 contractors.  

Our 1099 employee benefit solutions go beyond only offering insurance.  Many times, 1099 contractors are not paid regularly.  Because of this pain point we have the ability to collect premiums directly from a 1099’s bank account and pay the carriers directly.  A business owner never has to worry if a 1099 contractor is paid enough to cover the cost of benefits.

Lastly, in industries such as 1099 trucking drivers may be spread across the country.  All applications, enrollments and payments can be setup online or over the phone, with our in-house enrollment team.  By offering group benefits tailored to the unique needs of independent contractors, companies can attract top talent, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive business success.

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