Group Medical

Fully Insured Group Medical

Fully insured group medical can be used with groups from 2 to 500 employees.  Typically, for groups under 50 employees there is no underwriting and the rates are based on the age of each employee.  Groups over 50 employees, fully insured benefits have composite rates.  Many times, fully insured rates are the most expensive option for an employer.

Level Funded Group Medical

Level funded group medical is one of the newest forms of group health insurance.  Level funded insurance is a creative way for insurance companies to underwrite group health insurance to lower costs.  Typically, for employers with under 50 employees this is the best option.

Self Funded Group Medical

Self funded group medical is typically a great fit for companies with over 100 employees.  This gives employers the most control over their health insurance benefits while sharing in the risk with insurance companies.  

Reference Based Pricing Group Medical

Reference based pricing is unique way to mix medicare pricing with group health insurance.  This can be the most cost effective option for employers but most be paired with education for the members about the differences in claims processing.

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